23 And Me

What an amazing story this family shares. A story of two sisters and the families they've built. But up until roughly two years ago, they didn't know each other. Kristyn was adopted as a child and a couple years ago, she did a 23 and Me test. Through this test, she was able to find her biological sister, Michele. How amazing that they were able to be reunited! Since then, they travel to visit each other frequently and haven't wasted a minute making up for lost time.

During our session, without knowing their story, you'd never know that they haven't known each other their whole lives. They have a bond that runs so deep and unconditional love for one another. Their energy was so fun to be around while they teased each other during our session! And it just so happened to be on Kristyn's birthday too, so it made the day even more special. Check out the photos below to see more of their story.

Matching tattoos that represent the percentage of DNA they share.

Their Dog tags