Klondike Park Family Fun

You've probably seen a lot of this family on my social medias and all over my website. But can you blame me? Check out those smiles, the popping fall colors, and that view! I mean, how could I not share this gallery everywhere? So it's only fitting that they get the honor of being my first blog post.

This family was just the sweetest and their three year old daughter I was warned was pretty shy, but once she opened up, it was all magic. And wow, did we capture some magic or what! Olivia loved to show off her dance moves and play with mom and dad! 2020 has a been a rough year for all of us and without divulging too much of their personal life, let's just say this family has been through it. They wanted this session to be about celebrating their family and bringing some light back into their lives... I think we nailed it!

If you've never been to Klondike Park in Augusta, it is definitely a must! The fact that we have a beautiful park with a white sand beach right here in St. Louis is such a treasure! When you visit there, you'll see people wading in the water, building sand castles, and exploring the trails by foot or on bikes. It has become one of my favorite new locations!